Structural Modeling

BIM Structural Modeling

Improve structural documentation and streamline collaboration to accelerate fabrication

BIM 3D Services

Prepare accurate 3D models for the complete structure from the architectural drawings including rebar modeling/detailing


Detailed Drawings

Detailed drawings of beams, columns, joists, stairs, lintels, roof frames, shelf angles, bearing plates, frames and wall partition supports and review of shop drawings.

4D- Planning & Scheduling

Create project’s milestones, activities, and stakeholders to collaborate and clear understanding of deliverable.

5D- Quantity Take-offs & Cost Estimation

Accurate quantity take-off and cost estimates for bidding / procurement / construction planning

Our BIM Structural Modeling Offerings

At MaineBIM, we offer comprehensive BIM structural services, compatible for a wide scale of infrastructure projects. Our BIM structural models provide critical information and data points for design analysis and evaluation of a project. Few of the major benefits of structural modeling is higher flexibility in design analysis and adaptiveness for necessary design updates.

We extend our BIM structural services from just drafting and 3D modeling, we also help with advanced design and analysis capabilities. The detailed analysis ensures plausible cost saving and safety of the structure.

We provide BIM structural services- engineering design- modeling which includes all types of structures (steel, composite, reinforced concrete, pre-stress, post-tensioned, masonry/block), loading (seismic, wind), analysis (continuous beams, rolling load), steel design (beams, torsion, columns) and connections (base plates and bolts). Our services allow clients to visualize project structure, iterate changes between design and detailed models, and create coordinated model-based designs.

Benefits of BIM Structural Modeling

Our team has experience of working over 100’s projects involving structural BIM projects using Autodesk’ Revit Advance Steel, Robot, Navisworks Manage, Tekla’s Tedds, and Shear wall.  We have worked on complex and structurally demanding projects that involve load calculation, roof structure, foundation design, retaining wall design, beam/slab/column/frame design, steel /concrete/ RCC structure design and more.

  • Connects design to detailing – Streamline workflows for efficient detailing
  • Improves collaboration – coordinate your models across multiple disciplines
  • Minimize errors – Automate fabrication and improve execution on site
  • Enhances structural quality – Integrate structural analysis and design to produce better outcomes